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What to know before dining with us

To provide an enjoyable experience to all guests, our dining time will be set at 2 hours.
We are a BYOB friendly restaurant with premium glassware for you to enjoy your precious wine.
You are welcomed to bring your own cake to celebrate with your loved ones.
Please notify us of any food allergies at least 48h prior to your reservation in order for us perfect your dinner.
We apologize that we do not provide any Vegan, Vegetarian, Seafood free, Dairy free or Gluten free menu.
As consideration for other guests, we apologize that we do not serve children under the age of 12.
We do not have parking spaces at our restaurant.

Cancellation Policy

A fee of $500 will be charged for cancellation within 48h of booking time. The guest will be charged full price of the menu for no show or cancellation within 24h of booking time.